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Welcome to Constructive Plastics Ltd

The OECD stated in 2018 that: “...between 1950 and 2015 around 6 300 million tonnes of plastics waste are thought to have been generated, of which only 9% were recycled, and 12% incinerated, leaving nearly 80% to accumulate in landfills or the natural environment."
We see dumped plastic waste everyday and everywhere around us. Plastic is dumped on Kenyan roads, sidewalks and ditches. Rivers are contaminated hence passing the contamination onto crops and into the ocean. The smoke of burning plastic is polluting the air we are breathing. It's we, the people who feel the side effects of mishandling this problem: a lot of health issues have their origin in pollution. It affects not only our quality of life but also our life expectancy. The problem is huge and it's manmade. It should be our common interest to make a change.
We believe in awakening individual responsibility: EVERYBODY CAN MAKE A CHANGE.

The foundation

With all this in mind the idea of Constructive Plastics was born. While still living in Germany, the founder Joseph Muita started getting involved with the architects of Architekturbüro Hermann Beyer and engineer Karl-Heinz Pietschmann to transform the idea into reality. After repatriating to Kenya in 2019, Joseph Muita founded the company and researched for optimizing the material mixture supported by kenyan expert Dr. Kennedy Ogila. Setting up the factory in Kariobangi - the heart of waste collection and separation in Nairobi - was a good choice in terms of availability of material and necessity to manage plastic waste instead of dumping.

The company – our aim and vision

Constructive Plastics Ltd. understands itself as an eco-preneur company. Our aim is to help reversing the negative effects of plastic waste by upcycling the waste into construction material. We provide alternative, durable and affordable construction solutions made of readily accessible waste materials. The bricks, bars and columns we produce have grooves and ridges that interlock with each other and are therefore not only sustainable but also quick to assemble. That makes construction very fast compared to ordinary construction methods AND gives our customers the possibility to make a contribution to a cleaner environment.

Wide range of application possibilities

With our products the applications are numerous, they are used in the construction and manufacture of houses, offices, classrooms, security guard shelters, washrooms, animal sheds, dustbins, fishery basins, partitioning walls, fences, and many more.



Our products are made of recycled plastics. This is how we – and you as a customer – help to sustain and prevent our precious environment from being polluted.


Our bricks are standard sized. This makes it easy to build structures that fit your needs. You can easily change the layout, design and location of your structure by reconfiguring the bricks.


When buying our bricks, bars and columns you have everything you need to start building. There's no need for cement, sand or water (except for the foundation stage) .


Time is paramount. With our interlocking brick system, your construction is simple – and fast.

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